Preconstruction Services

You can rely on Mattaponi Construction and Remodeling to guide you through every step of the preconstruction phase. We provide the services you need to get your project off the ground, including:

  • Identify customer needs and expectations
  • Define scope of project
  • Site evaluation
  • Blueprints
  • Design development
  • Project development
  • Identify project components
  • Provide monthly progress reports

Budget and Cost

Mattaponi Construction and Remodeling knows the meaning of controlling cost and adhering to budgets. After the project is complete, we take every precaution to ensure that the building meets the owner’s expectations. We warranty all of our work for a one-year period, and we perform a mandatory 10 month walk-though, designed to identify any problems or malfunctions that need to be corrected before the warranty expires.

  • Develop conceptual estimate / cost models
  • Provide detailed cost breakdown
  • Solicit subcontractor input
  • Prepare final project cost estimate
  • Provide cash flow management

Construction Services

Mattaponi Construction and Remodeling takes pride in providing its clients with expert advice throughout the construction phase.During the construction phase, we continue to work closely with the owner, architect and all subcontractors to ensure that a project stays on schedule and under budget:

  • Review construction documents
  • Evaluate materials, systems and delivery
  • Identify areas of concern
  • Involve subcontractors and vendors
  • Provide alternative solutions
  • Site logistics
  • Safety program
  • Quality control
  • Materials
  • Scheduling


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